More circles

It’s nice that the stuff in the sewing room comes in handy for working my way through Rae’s lesson plans. Yesterday the GO circle die made clock faces for us and today, the circle template made planets.

Memorial Day was also on today’s lesson plan and while I explained to her that her great grandfather’s were veterans, Memorial Day honors those that died while serving our country. We still talked about them, their service, and after showing her photos of Arlington National Cemetery, I showed her the burial places of her grandfathers. (Keith’s father is buried at Arlington.) We printed some photos for her to keep.

I love that she is interested in her family history! She even noticed the shamrock on Dad’s grave and wanted to know the significance. I’ve talked to her about her Irish heritage so I explained the connection between that and the shamrock.

I did get some work done today, a binding made and stitched on by machine, ready for hand stitching, another Strippie cut out, a ton of mail sorted… I’d accomplish more without her here but what a gift for us to spend this time with her.


  1. You and Keith are making memories that Rae will cherish for all her life. What more precious gift could you give her? I enjoy reading about your time with her.

  2. Life is a gift if we choose to receive it. Over the years my grandchildren have come to stay a week alone many summers. This is the time to really get to see how special they are and to share how special you are. Enjoy this time.

  3. That is really fun that she is interested in family history. What an enjoyable time spent with Rae building great memories for you both. I regret that I didn’t show more interest in family history when my parents and grandparents were still around so I could have asked more questions. My mom was the family historian who did most of the genealogy research. And I’ve inherited her research, along with some family secrets that are proving difficult to solve.

  4. What a fantastic age! They are interested in so much and they can work independently for a time too. Enjoy your week together!

  5. The family history you’re sharing with Rae will last much longer than her formal lessons. This time really is a gift for both of you – enjoy.

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