#2 of 10 tops to be quilted is done. I’ve even got this little Strippie trimmed and the binding on and ready for hand stitching.

I’m going to need a binding marathon too – I’ve got 2 waiting for hand stitching and 2 trimmed and waiting for binding and that pile is just going to grow.


  1. I love your quilt posts, Mary. AND I am especially interested in the quilting you do. As a struggling machine quilter on a domestic machine, I noticed the quilting you did on this one might be something I can accomplish. Would you go into simple quilting motifs in the future that you use? Thanks! m

  2. I think your on a roll. You seem very determent to get them all done in such a time span, You’ll do it!! Plus taking good care of the little one. I’m en joying the quilts your doing. Stay safe!xo

  3. Sorry, I hit wrong button. Your work is amazing. Enjoy your Grand being with you, they grow up to fast.

  4. Mary, I do a lot of sewing too, but you certainly outpace me! Can I ask a question…why don’t you machine stitch the bindings, especially on donation quilts? It goes so much faster and when you use a decorative stitch, looks pretty nice, too. I do most of mine by machine (I don’t like handwork much) but do reserve hand sewn bindings for those extra special projects that come along.

  5. Those hearts are shaped so perfectly, so cute. Do you ever load two small quilts side by side ? Guess it depends how wide your frame is.

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