It’s been fun having Rae here this week … a lot of work … but fun! Chris and Mo arrived tonight and will stay a few days before all 3 of them head back to Georgia.

9 thoughts on “Rae

  1. No doubt, Rae will always remember this week she spent with you. Do you think she will be glad to get back home or do you think she could have stayed(the whole 5 weeks or so) until you go back to Georgia?


  2. Oh how she will remember this week! Our children still talk about the blizzard of the 90’s. Hoe blessed she is to have you.


  3. It looks like all of you had a great time. My oldest granddaughter spent a lot of time with us growing up. She is now 28 and we are still close and I love it when she says…remember when we did this or that. Rae will remember your time together as a very special time in her life. And she is learning so much from you too. Lot of work but worth it!!


  4. She looks like she’s ha a fun week. There is nothing like grandchildren. Grampa looks like he was enjoying her a lot too! She’s a very lucky granddaughter to have such good grandparents. xo


  5. How fun! And I’m sure it was a challenge to keep a grandchild with you when you couldn’t even go out on day trips. I remember having my husband’s nieces for just three days last summer but without swimming pools and museum trips I don’t know what we would have done!


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