It’s a mess!

Chris is running an errand for us, Keith and Rae are watching a movie, and Mo is napping so I decided to spend a little time in the sewing room….my sewing room is a disaster area! Keith and Chris took the cabinet for my Jane and another table downstairs … they’ll both go to Big Canoe in June along with some other small pieces of furniture and bins filled with books and fabric and other bits and pieces we’ve decided to move now.

I debated back and forth about whether I was going to take the Jane or the Elna to Big Canoe and went with the Jane because I can quilt small tops on it more easily if I want to do any quilting there. That meant I had to move things around here. I moved the Elna to the back nook with the cutting table and the ironing board and I pulled out Grace … this is the machine I used to have at the condo in Big Canoe. I haven’t used it for over 2 years but it sews fine. I got a binding made and on the other Strippie so 3 of the 5 waiting for binding just need hand stitching.

While I was in there, I pulled some kits to take to Big Canoe and I pulled the old crank Accuquilt GO out of the closet. This one hasn’t been used since I got the electric GO but it also works just fine. I haven’t decided a layout for my triangle quilt but I did decide on a background fabric and I used it to test the GO. I started pulling some scraps but I’m definitely going to have to make a decision about how I’m going to use the triangles before I pull any more fabric.


  1. It’s nice that you have extra things to take to Big Canoe, But it would be hard to decide exactly what to take. Maybe you will end up with a stash in both places.

  2. I had to buy a sewing machine to leave at my brother’s house when I there one summer and if I ever get to my daughter’s house and plan to spend any time with them I’m going to make sure there is a usable sewing machine available! At home I have my one, lonely sewing machine but I probably wouldn’t know what to do with two!

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