I know many of you are not visiting with family and other than Chris and his family we aren’t either … but we’ve stayed with him several times during this period and he has been back and forth helping us. All of us are as careful as possible when we need to be out. Soooo when we decided Rae would come home with us for a week, Chris said he drive down and pick her up … and he bought Mo with him. We’re so lucky to have this time with them.


  1. Cute photo!! It’s so nice you are able to visit with them while all this quarantine stuff it going on. We lived dangerously and spent Mother’s Day with my son and his wife at their house. And my daughters come and visit but we sit outside. It will be so nice when things can get back to a somewhat normal life.

  2. Beautiful picture and very nice to share in the time of social distancing. Around here groups gathering are getting larger and people are traveling from group to group.

  3. I’m sure you are very careful especially when your grandchildren are around. I wish I could figure out how to visit with my family… Not until airplane travel is in place again and I’ll probably still be a bit wary. I never like flying anyway!

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