I love this RWB HST quilt! It’s a UFO that was based on a vintage quilt and it’s just scrappy half square triangles but I loved the diagonal lines of the red triangles in the vintage quilt so I recreated it. It’s quilt #8 of 10 in my quilting marathon and the pantograph is Ebb and Flow. It’s one of my favorites for patriotic quilts but this is just the 2nd time I’ve quilted the digital pattern … the first time was smaller than I liked, this time I used the size in the pattern but my perfect size will be somewhere right in between at 7 or 7.5 inches wide. Resizing patterns is one of the things I love best about Pantovision but it can take a little trial and error.

You can find brief instructions on the website for this quilt.


  1. I came to your blog through a link on the Kevin the Quilter blog. I love your quilts. They are what I would like to make if I ever had the time. Seeing what you get done is wonderful.

  2. How many have you quilted so far since you have been back to Tampa? I am always impressed with your RWB quilts and this one is no exception!

  3. Very pretty!! Sounds like you are ahead of schedule. Does it take a long time to get the quilt all set on the machine for quilting? I have watched some You Tube videos and it looks complicated.

  4. RWB is always a winning color combo. The variation in creams mixed with the colors is what really gives this a rich look in my opinion. I use a lot of white and need to get braver about using a variety of cream/tan backgrounds.

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