#9 of 10 to be quilted during this marathon … a wallhanging of Mom’s. Pantograph is Jilly and while I know some of you wouldn’t quilt a panto over appliqué I do and I’d told Mom I’d quilt this one for her if she was OK with me doing a panto on it.

I did a quick search online for the pattern because I know someone will ask … and while I bought it at BluPrint, I did find it here.

Nice thing about this one is I don’t have to bind it! I have 3 more waiting for binding and I’ll get started on one of them this afternoon.


  1. I’ve often asked for a panto on applique. It really depends on the applique itself. This looks wonderful. Your mom will be very pleased.

  2. I usually prefer panto over the appliqué. Every quilt is different, of course. This wall hanging is very cute!

  3. I like the quilting design you chose and it looks fine on top of the applique. I actually really like the texture the panto adds to this quilt. Nice job (as always) Mary!

  4. I just did two quilts for a customer who does lovely appliqué. One is a wall quilt, the other for her bed. Both have pantos and look great. Not everybody can afford custom, nor do they want it, on their quilts. You can see them at wazoonewsbits.blogspot.com. It
    think your Mom’s quilt is very pretty just how you did it!

  5. I’m amazed at all the quilts you have gotten quilted and all the bindings you’ve finished lately! Wish I was that productive! 🙂

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