Like all you I am dealing with so many different feelings as I watch what’s going on in our country this week … anger and outrage at the officers involved in the killing of George Floyd, sadness for his family, more anger and outrage at those taking advantage of the protests to loot and burn our cities, fear that the crowds will undo any gains we’ve made from months of social distancing, and respect for those police who go out every day and risk their lives to protect us all. Just like the looters overshadowing the righteous message of the protesters, the bad cops overshadow what good many of our police do on a day to day basis.

Let’s hope that one positive outcome is a high voter turnout that says enough hate and divisiveness. Let’s try to regain some of our progress toward acceptance and equality for all. I know we have a long way to go but the last few years we’ve been heading in the wrong direction.

21 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. Wee don’t have television here, our choice, but reading the CBC news online is frightening. At a time in our connected histories, we want tolerance, patience, and kindness. I see lots of it in it online quilting world, but it is sad and frightening to read what is happening in some cities.I’m sending positive thoughts to all. Hopefully the world will get it right sooner rather than later.

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  2. I agree with every word! I’m afraid for my family in Minneapolis – both white and black family members – and everyone else. I’m also hoping for the large voter turnout for local, state, and national elections coming up.

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  3. Peace and justice depend on quality leadership at all levels. You and I can be leaders in our families and neighborhoods. We can vote for elected representatives who understand that peace and justice must go hand-in-hand, and who will demonstrate those traits themselves. None of it … none of it … will come if we are passive. Learn how leadership is done well. Find ways to demonstrate it in your community. Each person can do this in some tangible way. Find candidates for office who really represent what you want to see in your community and country. Vote. Vote. Vote.


  4. Your comments come as a breath of fresh air in these troubled times. I sincerely thank you for this posting. I appreciate your openess.


  5. AMEN!!

    When you lived in the cities, did you live near any of these place that have been destroyed? Hudson stores have even been closing early. It’s quite scary.

    Take care, Kathy

    On Monday, June 1, 2020, Making Scrap Quilts from Stash wrote:

    > Mary posted: ” Like all you I am dealing with so many different feelings > as I watch what’s going on in our country this week … anger and outrage > at the officers involved in the killing of George Floyd, sadness for his > family, more anger and outrage at those taking ad” >


  6. Couldn’t have said it better. What has been going on in Seattle is an outrage. I honestly don’t know what the answer is. I put some of the blame on bad parenting to begin with. The family values have been going down hill for a long time. Lack of respect in general, acting out with no concern what it will do to others and themselves. Sometimes I think it is too late for a change and I worry about the future for my kids, grandkids and great granddaughter. It’s a sad world right now and I pray something good and right will happen soon.


  7. Thank you Mary, your powerful words are what so many people are feeling. Yes, we need to vote against the hate and divisiveness that is rampant now. I agree with you 100%.


  8. Your words are such a blessing to read. It is so very sad to see the diviseness which is being spread from the very place you would expect to see unity. I hope and pray that all eligible voters turn up in November to bring about the change that is needed.
    Living in Australia, I am very thankful we have compulsory voting! And I have worked for more than 10 elections as a polling official. The people who line up for hours and desperately want to vote are most often immigrants from countries which very often have dictatorships or communist rule. At least we all know that the ruling party is most often representative of the majority of the voters.


  9. My family and I, and all of us here in Canada, feel your pain and the pain of the Floyd family and all the others who have been killed so horrifically. I hope people get out and vote and bring positive change to your country. We used to go to the U.S. at least 3 or 4 times a year, now we doubt we may every go again.


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