Cabin Fever

While I can entertain myself easily at home, I’m used to more travel and we enjoy going out to eat too so I found myself with a case of cabin fever today. We didn’t bike yesterday because of the rain and Keith got out early this morning before I was ready to be up and moving around … I really, really wanted to bike to one of our favorite places and have lunch outside but we didn’t. We took a walk, I read some, and I worked a bit in the sewing room. I got 12 pink blocks made for the Maine Rainbow HeartStrings project and I have more pink strips so I’ll make a few more blocks tomorrow before trimming them up and then I’ve got to get that last binding done.

I also got a start on washing some quilts for donation. I got 3 done tonight and will get a couple more washed this week and then ship them off before we leave for GA on Saturday. For now, I’m going to head upstairs and crochet.


  1. Your days are so filled with activity that I feel like a slacker. Oh wait I am a slacker and you by all appearances are motivated and willing to do for others. Thanks for being you!

  2. I’m with Penny – I’m always amazed at how much you accomplish. I have 20 rainbow string blocks made right now. My plan is to make a donation quilt with them. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. I also think you are amazing and can’t imagine you ever being bored. I also have cabin fever. We do go out to eat usually once a week and have kids over for dinner too. We haven’t done either in so long and it is starting to get to me. Our county is finally in Stage 2 but I am apprehensive about going to a restaurant just yet or being around large gatherings. I am finally getting my hair cut this week so I am super excited about that!! Love your pinks for your next quilt. Can’t wait to see the other colors you will be using. I just received a quilting magazine and on the cover is a beautiful log cabin quilt done in all kinds of different colors. I have never seen one like it and wasn’t sure it was even a log cabin at first but it is beautiful!! It would be a good scrap buster quilt. Can’t believe your time in Florida is almost up!

  4. Like your pink blocks. Looks like a fun Quit. It would of been nice if you had gotten a bike ride in. The exercise would of been nice. Hard to believe you’re going back to Georgia already! The time seems to fly by. Looked out my window this morning and saw three sets of blue birds flying around out there. They are such a pretty bird. So dedicated to each other. Safe trip back to Georgia!! xo

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