My Small Tumbler quilt is finished! It’s #10 of 10 to be bound and 10 were also quilted during this quilting/binding marathon. This is a UFO that I cut and kitted in GA at our Big Canoe condo in 2014. I didn’t assemble the top until 2016 and it sat for another 4 years waiting for quilting. One reason this one waited so long was I wasn’t sure if I would keep it or not but now I think it’s going to be donated. I’ll hang on to it a little while just to be sure I don’t change my mind. And those straight edges don’t bother me at all. I’m glad I decided to trim them even rather than fuss with binding the irregular edges this time.

It was hard staying focused but I’m in a good place with my goals as we head to Big Canoe. I’ve finished 7 UFO’s this year – goal is to finish 12 each year. I’ve started 12 new quilts and finished 15 – goal is to finish at least as many as I start to keep my total UFO number where it is or lower.

I know a lot of you sew for fun and don’t set goals like I do but for me, it keeps me focused on what I want to accomplish and with all the travel I typically do during normal times, and with having a place in Big Canoe again, I need to stay focused or nothing will get finished!


  1. It’s lovely. What size are your small tumblers? I made a tumbler flag last year, but have
    been carrying around the idea of doing some tumbler quilts using a smaller tumbler die and
    a combinations of scrap fabrics and some neutral prints. I just don’t have an idea of how many
    pieces to cut based on the sizes of the dies.

  2. And, I only have the larger die, but I always chop of the edges. I actually prefer it that way.

  3. Mary, my sewing and scrapbooking goals for the past two years have been to sew or scrap down my stash. And with a dual hobby, I have alot of each. I have made considerable progress and I’m beginning to see an ever so slight reduction in the size of the stash. In 2019, I completed 62 various stash busting projects! Hooray!

  4. Congrats on everything you’ve accomplished! I love your tumbler quilt…are you sure you want to donate it? Maybe it could live in your new home in Big Canoe 😉

  5. Sewing for fun does not eliminate goals. At the beginning of this year there were lots of people planning 20 for 20. I set goals but am not as organized as you. You seem to set the right type of goals in that they are achievable and challenging. Keep on being you!

  6. Most of my quilts have purpose, and therefore goals for completion. Congratulations on such a pretty finish!

  7. Another really pretty one! Most of my quilting doesn’t have a specific purpose as I begin a project. I need to go through my quilts again and find homes for more of them. I gift a lot of them, but still have more that should be given away for someone to enjoy. Lately I’ve made a lot of small quilts such as wall hangings and table runners. I need to find homes for more of those too.

  8. I just love this quilt!! I have the small tumbler Accuquilt and some perfect fabric so I need to get busy. I personally like the straight edge. I would not want to do the uneven edge binding. Binding is my least favorite part of making a quilt so it is straight edge for me. But I would like to try a scalloped edge sometime.

    • I tend to use the large tumbler most often but it wasn’t hard to make this one with the small one. I’ll eventually make another one.


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