Cemetery Arrangements

Last August, Mom and I took a road trip to Newport News. It’s where Mom and Dad raised us and it’s where my Dad is buried. Mom lived there until 4 years ago when she moved in with my sister and through the years I was back there frequently – it’s always been home to me (of course, wherever I am with Keith is also home)!

Keith and I have talked over the years about where we’d like to be buried … you know we’ve moved a lot and in the end decided we’d be buried near my parents … or should I say interred since we’ll be cremated? I was thrilled when the cemetery agreed to put a bench near where my Dad is buried, I was afraid we’d have to be in a whole different section of the cemetery. I’m standing near where the bench will be and Mom is standing near Dad’s grave in this photo.

The bench is now in the process of being ordered and they will set it into place so I’ll actually be able to see it on my next visit. When Chris found out what we were doing he said that he wanted to be buried there too. The bench will hold the ashes of 4 people so he and Becky will join us! How great is that? My parents, my brother and SIL, my son and DIL all nearby… I’m trying to convince my sisters that they need to be buried there too and I need to talk to Adam to see if it’s something he’s given any thought to.

I feel so good about having the decision made and the arrangements taken care of. Hard to imagine that I could be so excited about something like this but it makes me very happy.


  1. I live in England. My maiden name was Johnson; my Mothers was McCloud; was yours Mclaughlin? Sounds like Irish to me 🙂

  2. Mary, I understand. We never pre made our arrangements, although we discussed it many times. And so when Bill passed last Oct. I was left with many financial decisions I would have preferred to not deal with in my grief. You are so wise to do this now. I did go ahead and make arrangements for my own grave site right next to Bill in the Veteran’s section of the cemetery. Now our children won’t have to make those difficult decisions when I die. Take care, safe travels.

  3. It’s always good to make these decisions early. It saves the family the heartache of making the decisions after a loved one dies.

  4. We have moved around a lot too. Since my parents are at Indiantown Gap National Veterans cemetary we bought plots in the small cemetary where my husband’s family are located. It was good to get that decision made several years ago. At least we will all be in PA.

  5. My in-laws bought 2 full-sized plots years ago – and then decided to be cremated. My MIL said that there was plenty of room for us to be buried there too – and the last name is the same, so we’ll be cremated and interred there with a small plaque.

  6. Beautiful cemetery and so nice you will be with others in your family. I have both of my parents ashes. My Dad told me what he wanted but my mother never said if she liked that idea or not. I am thinking she wouldn’t so I am torn and that is not a good position to be in. I don’t want to leave that to my children so I need to decide soon. It’s nice you have that done and taken care of. And I love the bench idea!!

  7. Hi Mary! Your title gave me pause. How nice that you have made important decisions like this for your family. And how wonderful it is that you’ll all rest together. Safe travels – I think you head out tomorrow. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. You are definitely wise to take care of this now. I love the idea of the bench holding the ashes. We purchased 4 plots near my husband’s parents in his hometown cemetery here is SD. He has many extended family in that cemetery from several generations. My parents and maternal grandparents are buried in Minnesota.

  9. As a funeral director I can tell you that you have just given yourself and your family the best gift you can give. Even when my own father died it was so difficult to finalize the plans, and I knew what to expect. Thank goodness he had a great funeral plan, as does my mother as they have also planned and paid for my disabled brother. I can not thank them enough for this gift.

  10. We’ve got our place ready and waiting. I doubt if our kids will ever be nearby but we have our first daughter and now Tetsu’s mother with us there too.

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