We’re loaded!

Just have to pack our suitcases and we’ll be all ready to leave in the morning for Big Canoe. We had plenty of room in the truck for more but are only taking a few furniture pieces and lots of bins with books and sewing stuff. Keith has a wall of empty shelves in his office and you know I like to have a lot of different projects to choose from so there are lots of precuts, kits, Adam’s t-shirts, and my May HSTs ready to be pieced!

Since it’s easier to get delivery here and I knew we’d have room on the truck, I ordered some desk chairs, a lamp, a fan and other small items we’ll need there. I’ve also packed about half my personal quilt inventory to use there. Freed up space here and it will be nice to have more of them out of the cabinets and in use!


  1. Sounds like you will have plenty to keep you busy. Looking forward to pictures from Big Canoe. Have a safe trip!!

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