I’m sewing!

I’m working on my triangle quilt … I’m running a little behind as it is my precut quilt for May but I had it all cut before leaving home and now I’m sewing triangles!

We made a run to Jasper today … I purchased LED lights … I know I need to add additional lighting in my sewing room but until I can do that, brighter bulbs will help! We also stopped by Home Depot and bought a couple shelving units for me. I’ve already brought several bins of precuts, projects, and kits from Tampa and the shelving will be easier than keeping them all in bins and having to dig through them every time I’m looking for a project.

I can’t wait for the weekend … Chris and Adam will be here and will be carting all my stuff downstairs for us. Could we do it ourselves … yes… we moved and packed it all in Tampa but with them both coming this weekend, we’ll take advantage of them being here and put them to work.


  1. I feel guilty because I have so much fabric but you have more! You of course sew at three times the rate I sew and donate everything. Oh well. I am only kidding and know that I am spoiled in very many ways. Your efforts help so many others that we should all take your example to heart.

  2. Your triangles are looking good. For some reason, I just don’t enjoy making them. Probably because joining them and having everything flat is difficult for me. You bought new LED lights, I really like bulbs that say ‘daylight’, they give such brightness to my rooms. Those old bulbs are yellow. Keep up your sewing, I’m off to KC to deliver my doll collection to the doll museum.

  3. That’s great that you are sewing already! I find that sewing “centers” me when things are out of whack. I know you are looking forward to family time this weekend. 🙂

  4. Happy day for you – sewing, plus anticipating your boys both being there over the weekend. Good for you!!

  5. It’s always nice to have help moving boxes, especially down stairs. Chris and Adam are great to come and help. Enjoy your visit with them and the Grands.

  6. It’s good the boys are coming to visit! Helping with the move is a plus, but they know that you need to see their bright and smiling faces more.

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