My sewing room is improving bit by bit … today Adam helped me set up a couple shelving units and carried all the bins from Tampa downstairs and then when Chris arrived, they brought my sewing cabinet down … Jane is very happy to be back in her cabinet!

I dug out the mask fabric …. both the stuff I brought from home …

And the stuff Chris and I ordered and started making masks for Adam and Lindsey. They are both going back to work and masks are required. I say if we’ve got to wear them, they should be fun.

I made 12, eight for Adam and four for Lindsey. I still need to make some for me and Chris too but that will happen next week. While I was making masks, Keith and the boys took the kids out to the playfield to run around a little.


  1. Happy Father’s Day/Grandfather’s Day to Keith (and Happy Father’s Day to Adam and Chris)
    You and Keith must be in your glory this weekend!

  2. That is a happy grandfather surrounded by his kiddos! Great fabric choices for the masks. I’m glad that your son and DIL are finally able to go back to work. My kids have been lucky. One SIL had hours cut back a bit on his main job, and was off completely with his second job. But he is back to normal hours on that second job (bartender in a restaurant). My husband’s company has their first Covid positive case among staff just this week. He was on a job site with other staff, plus client and contractors – so we are holding our breathe that he didn’t spread it.

  3. I can see the smile on Jane’s face…lol. Sounds like things are all coming together. It’s so nice of your boys to help out. Adorable picture of Keith with the grand babies!

  4. You’re so lucky to have some strong muscled men to help you move things. Those beautiful grandkids keep getting taller every time you see them don’t they. Enjoy your family time!

  5. Great quote for a mask making booth. “If we’ve got to wear them, they should be fun!”

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