1. How cute! What kind of dog is he? He has the tail & looks like the very soft fur of a Coton de Tulear, but those dogs are usually nearly all white (once fully grown).

  2. I never get tired of pictures of Finn. Every time I see one I smile. I read your other post too and love your masks, but the deer and the quilt make me clap my hands happy.

  3. Finn is definitely a handsome fella! My daughter just got a puppy, about 10-12 wks old, a Shihpoo, shih tzu and poodle. I don’t think she realized how much she would miss her previous dog even though she said she didn’t think she would get another. She’s bringing him for a visit tomorrow so I’ll get to meet my new grand-dog.

  4. Finn is adorable as usual. Your deer photo is like frame-able art. Color, clarity, and composition. You are so talented.
    The quilt colors are great. Will make a nice quilt when done.


  5. Finn was cute curly and he’s cute now too. The deer picture is great. It does look like it’s peeking around the tree.

  6. Finn is such a handsome little guy. He looks just like my dog after she gets groomed 🙂

  7. Finn is so cute!! And his haircut is perfect for him. We have a tiny 4.5 lb Shih Tzu with a lot of problems. Because of that I trim her hair myself. Since I am not a groomer it does look a little choppy sometimes but others have said it looks professional. Not quite but not bad either…lol.

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