Since I couldn’t find the one panel I know I have somewhere in the sewing room when I was packing for GA … I’m going with “large” print for June’s precut. Stephanie always allows us lots of options for the precut challenge and you can even chose to skip a month or substitute another precut but in this case … I had two fabrics set aside to make a pillowcase for Rae and Bree. I had to review the instructions on my website since it’s been so long since I’ve made any pillowcases but both are finished!

If you’re playing along – here is Stephanie’s exact wording for June:

Our June Precut Target is Panels. 

If you don’t have any panels (or leftover part panels), here are few other options –

Perhaps you have some big prints that have been hard to use, maybe that rogue FQ out of a bundle. 

Pillow panels? Cheater prints? Wide border stripe prints? Obvious directional prints?

Or, you could sub in any orphan blocks you have and treat those like a printed pillow panel.

I think since the pillowcases took so little time, I’m going to pull one of my Quick Strippie kits and piece one of those too!

6 thoughts on “Pillowcases

  1. Well, you made quick work of that substitution, Mary!! Nicely done. I think the girls will be pleased!

  2. Very cute pillowcases. I cut kits today for 3 pillowcases and 2 Strippee quilts. Made me feel like I actually accomplished something today.

  3. I really like those pillowcases. I imagine the girls will love them. I have just finished my 4th quilt on my long arm since yesterday afternoon. All 4 were about 40” wide and anywhere from 40” wide to 50” long, all will be given away for charity. I loaded another one for tomorrow and have another waiting. I’m determined to get these done, I won’t even tell you how many are waiting 😩.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! About 15 years ago, I used to make these…but somehow lost the pattern! I searched the internet for the pattern, but could never find it. I’m so happy you posted this 😍

  5. Very cute pillow cases! I’m sure the girls will love getting those from Gramma ❤

  6. Those are so cute!! I have never made a pillowcase but just might do that for my grandkids for Christmas.

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