Old quilts

Chris has just bought a pop up camper, he picked it up yesterday and is excited about camping with the girls … at this point, we’re not sure Becky will participate … but Chris and the girls will have a blast. I grew up camping and Chris was always jealous that he didn’t – camping was NOT Keith’s thing!

He’s got it set up at his house and Rae is excited about sleeping in it tonight. He sent me photos of the beds made up and to my surprise … he had two of his old quilts on them. They have many quilts to choose from and I hadn’t seen these used for a while so it’s nice to know they’ll get used in the camper. Both of them are probably 15+ years old.

One of the first T-shirts quilts I made … or I should say Mom and I made … I called her the other night and told her how much I’m missing her help with Adam’s. This was his college graduation quilt, from all the t-shirts he collected when he attended Georgia Southern.

And this one was a raw edge appliqué quilt from homespuns that I made him when he was in college so it’s at least a couple years older than the T-shirt quilt.

I didn’t sew at all yesterday but I did the calculations for the last row of Adam’s quilt and worked some on my pink crochet blanket.


  1. The inside looks massive – have you a photo of the outside so I can understand how it all works?

  2. Oh I loved our pop up camper! My husband’s family lives in Florida and Massachusetts (we are in Sc). We bought a pop up camper so we would have a place to sleep when we visited them. We also took it to state parks for camping. I didn’t grow up with one, so this was new for me. We had two small children at the time. It has heat and AC, which I am sure Chris’ has too! Tell him if he ever needs to replace a mattress, we found the most wonderful mattress! You go to a big fabric store like Joann’s and get “densified batting”. I had to put one and half widths together to get a queen size. My husband is picky and he said it was even more comfortable than our bed at home! (And we do have a very nice bed at home!) I wasn’t fond of camping (tent) growing up but I loved the camper. Maybe Becky will enjoy it if she gives it a try. I always took my featherweight machine and did some sewing too…

  3. How fun to see your quilts after so many years, and being put to good use. They look like they are in good shape. I love camping but my husband not so much either. We have tried it in a motorhome which is not really hard camping but it is still not his favorite thing to do. Men!!!

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