The camper

Lesley wondered what Chris’ camper looked like on the outside So I had him send me a couple photos. It’s a pop up camper so easy to store and tow. Rae went with him to pick it up yesterday and I think she is as excited about it as Chris is!


  1. Thanks for the photo’s. The base with Rae looks quite big, then the same base with Chris looks a lot smaller – it’s amazing how the angle of a photo can change the shape so much 🙂 But now I can see how it accommodates 2 beds and a sink.

    • You will be amazed what that base holds. Our held a sink, gas top stove (as well as a gas grill that mounts on outside), small fridge w/freezer, couch that converts to bed, storage under couch, and dinette for four that also converts to bed with storage under seats. Ours doesn’t have a bathroom or shower.

  2. That looks like such fun. Hope they love it. We camped once when our girls were kids. My husband HATED every minute of it but the girls and I had such fun. Like Keith, my hubbie doesn’t camp.

  3. Light bulb! (Said in my best Gru voice, of course.) It’s time to clear out my overflowing T-shirt drawer and make *myself* a T-shirt quilt–couch/throw sized.

  4. They both look very excited. And a nice looking camper. They will have so much fun!! Hope Becky decides to go, she may end up loving it.

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