Moving on

Stephanie pulled kits for our July Precut Challenge. It can be a kit you bought or one you put together yourself …. we all have those don’t we? That group of fabric that you pulled intending to make a particular quilt. Maybe you even cut it out already.

After a lot of waffling, I decided to do a Craftsy kit called Stop and Go. Blocks are big so it’s going to go quickly. And since I don’t like using solid black because it picks up and shows so much lint, I substituted another black fabric from my stash.

I’ve been searching for my mail and packages for a couple weeks … I’ve forwarded my mail from Tampa but it had been misplaced by the post office here. I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to get it resolved and was able to pick it all up at the post office today. A small package from Sarah was in the batch that got forwarded, along with a nice note thinking me for my participation in the Hands2Help project this year.


  1. I JUST finished this quilt in the past week. It’s laying on the longarmer awaiting inspiration on the quilting.

  2. I really like the next quilt you’re going to be working on! I love quilts with black in them and when its paired with bold colors that makes it even better. I wish I would have paid more attention to the quilt kits on Craftsy, you have done several from them that I really like.

  3. Post office life is tough right now. I can forgive a bunch of confusion on their part. The volume is high and most post offices have not increased staffing. I have it on good authority that part time workers are maxed out right now.

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