I haven’t gotten into a routine here with my crochet, at home in Tampa I have a recliner in the bedroom and I sit up half the night with my crochet but there’s no room for a chair in the bedroom here so I end up reading a book or cruising the internet but I do find some time … an hour here and there … and some slow progress is being made. Finn’s always happy to settle in and nap while I work.

6 thoughts on “Crochet

  1. I’m a natural night owl too, and I find that I’m staying up reading later and later now days. The pink looks like frosting! Such a pretty color.


  2. I’ve gotten out of habit of reading blogs these past few months. I’ve just caught up on the last six months of your life! I am so excited for your move (back) to Big Canoe. The new home looks wonderful. Finn is adorable as always. So much quality time for you with the grandchildren. So wonderful to see you’re all well.


  3. Georgia girl living in NC now and been crocheting for 3 years. During this darn pandemic, I am so happy to have a good hobby…and plenty of yarn. Love your blanket and your dog.


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