No sewing

I won’t be sewing the next few days. Adam arrived last night to bring Caleb and stayed overnight and today and Chris is bringing Rae at dinner time. We’ll have the two kids for a couple days and are looking forward to some time with just them. We enjoyed the time with Adam today too!

The kids were very excited to see a deer on our hike and then we saw two in the back yard too!


  1. SO special to have your family for a visit! Hope you all have a fabulous time together- and maybe a few more wildlife sightings!

  2. Buying this house was the best decision you and Keith could have made!!! So much family time.
    Bree’s hair is so long and beautiful!

  3. You are making some good memories! 2020 has been a tough year, but how nice the children will especially remember this special time. Caleb and Rae will remember spending this time with you and the others will remember having time as an “only” child at home while their older sibling is gone!

  4. How fun! It’s nice that you bought your house in an area where you and Keith can have fun with the kids and still be distanced from others!

  5. Every time you take pictures of your grandchildren they seem to grow so much! They are getting tall! What are there ages now? It’s a great time to enjoy them! Before you know it they will be teenagers and into doing their own thing! They are beautiful and it’s wonderful they like to be with the two of you! Never get tired of the deer pictures!! They don’t seem to be afraid of being around you and Keith.Take care!

  6. My daughter (30 years old) is enjoying watching deer off her new back deck too. She sends me pictures of deer and says it is like having a zoo (squirrels too) in her backyard.

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