Then and Now

4 years ago


Becky found and ordered new cushions for our porch furniture so we drove to Marietta to pick them up today and brought Rae back to spend a couple nights with us. We couldn’t fit all the cushions in the car but we got the ones for our chairs and they’ll bring the others when they come to pick Rae up Friday night. They didn’t have the matching ottoman cushions in the same stripe but I’m OK with the red. These look SOOO much better than the ones we had out there.

I ran into Jo Ann’s to get some more fabric for masks before we picked Rae up. She liked the puppy fabric I’d bought so I made one for her tonight. We’re going hiking tomorrow afternoon and don’t expect to run into many people but we’ll have masks just in case!


  1. She is so cute but she’s growing way too fast!!
    It’s so great that you’re with your children and grandchildren so often — and, of course, that Keith is
    there also!
    What a wonderful summer!

  2. Which mask pattern did you use for Rae? I have a narrow face and that pattern looks like it would fit me pretty well.

  3. Oh my, Rae is growing up so fast! She is such a beautiful young lady ❤ and she’s rockin’ that cute dog mask! Happy for you that you get to spend time with the grandkids while our world is upside down with COVID.

  4. She is getting so grown up! My 8 year old granddaughter informed me she was too old for some of the fabrics I had chosen. And the 7 year old grandson wants plain masks for school so he doesn’t look goofy. So – reversible masks are now being made. Plain on one side and fun on the other.

  5. How Rae has grown and what a cute young lady.
    I love the cushions, can I ask where your daughter in law found them? I’ve been looking for cushions this summer and these look like the size I would need.
    Enjoy your time with Rae.

  6. Wonderful memories you’re making with your kids and grandkids 🙂 Love the cushions and of course, the gorgeous girl in her fun mask !!!

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