More mask making

I’m sure I’m not the only one realizing that we’re going to be wearing masks for a long time. I made some more today for Keith, Chris, Rae, and one for Mo to try on for size. For Keith, I tried a pleated one with elastic for the first time. He really likes the ease of just slipping the elastic over his ears and not having to tie anything. Chris got 2 camping and 2 baseball ones, and I made Mo’s a little smaller than Rae’s and I’m hoping it fits.

It’s unbelievable to me that people refuse to wear them. I’m disgusted with the lack of leadership shown by Trump and the governors of Georgia and Florida during the pandemic, and I’m very fearful about the pressure for schools to open up with in-person classes in areas with surging cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

I plan to keep our circle small and restrict myself to activities like hiking, kayaking, quilting, reading, crochet, and maybe even some knitting. That sounds like plenty to keep me busy doesn’t it?!


  1. Don’t even get me started on people who won’t wear masks. Suffice it say, I wear mine & make sure David does, too. It’s a mask… it’s not like they asked you to donate an organ! Anyway, I love your masks & am so jealous that I’m too addled to make any. Since my stroke, following directions is impossible (which is why I stick to 4 or 5 quilt patterns… muscle memory) & when I tried to make a mask, it ended up looking like a torture device. So I just bought some. Yours are fabulous! Wear them while you’re being smart & safe!

  2. Hear, hear! I was saying much the same in my last post. I tried that more fitted mask and didn’t enjoy making it. I used the large pattern size and made one for my SIL but he’s a big man and it was still too small, so I went back to the pleated version. I found that for him the best solution to the ties was to make Velcro tabs on the ends, eliminating the need to tie them. Then when he has to take it off to eat or drink, zip, zip it’s off but it can still hang around his neck. When you’re working, to take off one with elastic ear bands leaves you with one more thing to keep track of.

  3. I can’t understand the reluctance to wear a mask. It is such an easy thing to do, but then I used to work in a Wafer Fab and we wore masks for our entire 12 hour shift. We only were able to remove them at lunch and break. I worked there for almost 13 years so being without one made me feel naked. Believe me there is no build up of Carbon Dioxide or many people around the world who work in Fabs would have died by now.

  4. Mary
    Try using tee shirt knit for ear loops soft , stretchie . I have been using it in all my mask making.

  5. Thank you for the post. I agree that leadership is the key to compliance. Too many people spewing rediculous reasons not to wear masks. CO2, personal freedom???? Childish “just try to make me” behavior.

    I am also limiting contact with people I trust and once a week essential shopping. Leaves more time for quilting, kayaking, and enjoying yard while being fortunate enough to be a person able to work full time from home. We all have to do our part for the greater good.

  6. I think the problem is that the CDC made up reasons not to wear masks before giving reasons to wear masks. It created a trust problem for all those people looking for an excuse.

  7. Hi Mary, I am of the same mind as you…I can see us wearing facemasks through the end of the year, maybe into early 2021, or until a vaccine is widely available. I, too, have been making more masks for my my husband and myself and our daughters and their families (3 daughters and husbands and 5 grandchildren). Several of them are under work or county sanctioned mask orders. I am waiting to see what the schools will do, then will make enough masks for each child to have one for each day of the week, plus 1 or 2 extra (you know how kids are at losing things!). I also agree with you re: government action and I wish that my state of Wisconsin would be more proactive with this…we need a mask directive before school starts, or we will find ourselves on lockdown once again. And no one wants that! Besides mask making, I’m staying busy, though, and am already sewing for Christmas!

  8. Thank you for supporting wearing a mask. There is no leadership from Trump or the governors of Georgia or Florida. Their only interest seems to be whatever is politically advantageous for them.

  9. Add the governor of South Dakota to your list. She’s never been seen wearing a mask. And I noticed this week that the only “tool” for slowing the spread mentioned in the TV spots was hand washing. I’m making more masks as well – with a few going in the mail on Monday to family in Minneapolis. Canoes and mosquitoes – fabric from a past Minnesota Shop Hop.

  10. Your masks are very cute! I finally broke down and bought ready made disposable ones at Costco. We still use the ones I made but it’s nice to grab the paper ones and go. I also keep a package in my car just in case I forget to grab one on my way out. I am also disgusted with the people who put up a fuss about wearing them. My own children included. They have no choice now thank goodness. Some of them have to wear them at their jobs for the entire time so I can understand why they dislike wearing them, but it is a simple thing to do when out shopping. I don’t like them either but try to spend as little time as possible shopping for groceries. I do a lot of online shopping now for other things. It’s pretty handy. And I am very thankful for having crafts to keep me busy. I feel sorry for people who do not have an indoor hobby to keep them busy in the winter months and now during a pandemic.

  11. Your comments were timely for me. I was just telling my husband I suspect we’ll have about an 18 month period (from this past March) before we’ll start to see things begin to go back to ‘normal’ (which I suspect will be forever changed, too). That means Sept, 2021. I don’t see people changing — they are being selfish, self righteous, totally lacking any concern for others, and couldn’t care less about keeping people safe. One maskless woman actually walked up to my husband (wearing his mask as we’re seniors & take this VERY seriously) and with a smirk on her face, COUGHED into his face. The President is an idiot, and so many of the governors are, too. Pass a federal law and put teeth into it – a $1000 fine first time caught without a mask, $5000 the second time and $25000 every time after. All money goes to local law enforcement – and that will guarantee police will enforce the law and guarantee people would WEAR masks.

  12. My social bubble is small, and I plan to keep it that way. I live in a university town, and I’m not looking forward to the a day the students return. It’s been reported that 65% of the classes will be in person for Fall term. Masks are required of staff, students, and visitors on campus. That will help, but I also know there will be parties and more parties – that’s frightening.

  13. My father died of covid 19 which he picked up in a UK hospital where visitors were allowed with few restrictions and where he was being treated for a jaw problem that would not go away-very painful nerve that had disintegrated ,He had not been out for months because of his age. This is REAL and I am furious with these idiots who call it the “flu”. Help your fellow man and wear masks, stay away from others and stop listening to politicians the world over-they only care about themselves.I love your blog it brings me a smile in these dark days, Stay well.

  14. I am sorry about my previous reply it was meant to be in the comment section which I obviously don’t know how to do-never tried it before and I think I did it wrong. Stay well,stay safe,keep your loved ones close-they are what matters in this world.

  15. Thank you. I am making maps and donating them. At 80 I have learned how to do many more things on line then I ever thought I would. I am lucky that I have adult children and grandchildren near me who always ask me if I need anything when the are going to the grocery store. I have also learned to order on line and then go down and have contact free delivery to my car. Yes, it gets lonely but heck….think of the pioneers….they might not see anyone for months if they were on their homestead. We have it so much easier.

  16. I strongly agree with you all…we wear masks even to take mail from the mailman…and gloves too…
    As seniors we are taking this very seriously here…my son and DIL are both teachers and have two small children of elementary school ages…Their Town (MA) has decided to send everyone back to school…my DIL went to check out her classroom and the desks were only THREE feet apart..
    when she asked them about it they said SIX feet is too far, they’d have to HIRE some more teachers…
    If the “Nutjob” in the White House won’t allow a convention—why is it ok to send kids back to school??
    Crazy, sad and dangerous…. Julierose

  17. I have been using the Olson Mask pattern. For us it is the best so far. I used a double fold elastic (that is what I had), First time wearing it, get the mask to fit how you like it, I then tie the end of the elastic together. (don’t do it tight, just snug). Now all I have to do it put it over my head and go, take it down, then stretch it back up when needed. Never have to tie it again! This is not behind the ear type, over the head I believe it is called. Also, if you wear hearing aids this is easiest to get on and off without touching your ears.
    Six feet apart or six feet under, your choice…

  18. I’m making masks too since this is going to be a long time thing. I’m blaming ignorant people for spreading this virus and ignorant politicians who won’t enforce guidelines. We have a bumbling idiot in the White House who gives such stupid suggestions! I’m going to use 3 layers this time and try Velcro too.

  19. I’m with you on lack of leadership. Add Missouri’s governor to the list of poor leadership. We are spending the summer in Oregon where the gov, Kate Brown, is on top of things. I’ve retired from university teaching but my husband has one year to go and we soon return to Missouri where the rate of infections is skyrocketting. Our town in Northeastern Missouri has far fewer cases (most of which are from meat plants) but when the college students come back, I’m afraid it will skyrocket. My husband will be exposed to people from the age group showing the highest infection rate, and although masks are required and social distancing will be attempted, college age kids haven’t been shown to be the most faithful at following CDC guidelines. Heck, many don’t even read the syllabus! There will be no initial testing when students return, and although they’ve arranged for students who have symptoms to be tested, faculty and staff are on their own. Given how many are asymptomatic, I’m very, very afraid. I’d stay here in Oregon with my son and grands (they will be distance learning) but I don’t want my husband to be alone should he get ill.
    Hope you and yours stay well!

  20. It’s so good to read the comments that your followers have made. You have such a devoted group. And mask wearing is not even controversial with this great group.

  21. Amen, Mary! My daughter is a first grade teacher and I am worried sick about the return to the classroom. I fear those little people are going to have a hard time adhering to the new safety precautions. I could go on and on about the current federal administration, but all I will say is “VOTE!”

  22. Here! Here! I agree with you! As a current Floridian, I just don’t get it. As of 2 weeks ago, our chiropractor wasn’t wearing one! Needless to say, we will not go back even after this is over. I haven’t been there since February. The only thing we can do is vote them out.

  23. Thank you for having the courage to speak your mind! Here in Michigan our numbers have stabilized for now, but we are still averaging 500 plus cases each day. Our Governor has stood up to the nonsense in DC and had strict stay in place rules in place early on, and was one of the first to mandate wearing masks for which she has taken a lot of flack. Wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing are the only tools we have for our safety so don’t even begin to understand defiant behavior.

  24. I’ve tried several different patterns and I really like Edyta Sitar’s the best. Her pattern comes in 3 sizes. Last week I tried adding a nose piece and I think this will be my final version. Need to get a few more made before youngest heads back to college. The rest of us are working from home and not going out a great deal. Like you, I can keep myself busy with quilting and books. Have a great day.

  25. Here in Pennsylvania we have a mask mandate, but it is not enforced. Our governor says that people will do the right thing. Guess what, that isn’t happening! My husband and I only go to a store when we absolutely have to.

  26. Could you share a photo of the mask you made for your husband and the size of the mask that you made (initial cutting dimensions of the fabric) as well as length of elastic bands? I have made a number of masks and styles, but have yet to find one find that fits as well as we would like. I need to make some for male adults in our family and there’s nothing worse that one that is too small. I was finally able to order in some of the skinny string like elastic you see on the commercial masks that is the most comfortable so far.

    I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge on your quilting and now these masks. We will all get through this together.

  27. I try to keep our circle small too! Seems like we enjoy pretty much the same things. I’m with you about Trump. I swear he’s not carrying a full seabag!! It’s really a worry for the whole country Very worried about my grandchildren and great grandchildren going to school this fall!! Might have to home school, at least I’d know they were safe! I know they need to socialize with other children ,but right now it’s a little to dangerous! Stay safe ! Xo

  28. Oh my gosh, it is so nice to find sensible, caring people here! We’ve been wearing masks that I made since the beginning. I knew the reason that the CDC said that masks weren’t necessary was because there was such a shortage they were afraid (and rightly so) that people would go out and hoard masks, leaving our health care workers unprotected and in even worse shape than they were. I mean – look at what consumers did with toilet paper and paper towels!. My teacher son and teacher DIL were just here to talk about school starting, both are nervous right now about the unknown as there aren’t any firm plans yet. Things change nearly every day. We in Minnesota just went to a statewide mask mandate on Saturday, many cities had already invoked mask mandates. And yet, there are still the people who are complaining about their ‘freedom’. Such selfishness, but then they are being shown that it is okay from the highest levels of government.

  29. I’m in total agreement with you Mary! It seems like everyone wants this deadly virus to go away but there are plenty who won’t do their part by practicing social distancing or wearing a mask! And the leadership during this whole pandemic….to that I say what leadership? I hope they all get a big wake up call at election time!

  30. The comments made here were all very interesting. I dislike stating my own political opinions on my blog and always wonder where they stand with my acquaintances. I know that the Japanese news only gives one side but the more I hear the more wonder about the policies in the States these days. Well, Japanese government isn’t doing so well either and we get these ridiculous gauzy masks from the government in hopes that we’ll give them more support. So far that strategy has backfired and people would rather make their own sturdier masks!

    Thanks for the push to tell our views!

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