It’s the weekend

With Keith home all the time, the days run together but we’re having a nice weekend. Some hiking, some games, picnicking, and a little piecing and crochet too! We did not do all 8 miles yesterday … the plan was to do 3-4 miles (there’s a LOT of climbing) but we decided to call it a day when the thunder started up. It never did anything more than drizzle a bit on the way home but I don’t like to risk getting caught out in the woods with lightning!

We also hung some new photos. Years ago I had a bunch of canvas type photos that we put on the wall going up the stairs but Keith hadn’t wanted to rehang them in years. I wanted to hang some of the recent photos here at Big Canoe without spending a fortune or even making it a big deal so I told him I was going to try Mixtiles. We hung them up today and both love them. It’s not fancy but I’m not a fancy kind of person!

14 thoughts on “It’s the weekend

  1. I love the photos! So much better than collage frames or, a lot of frames in all different sizes. I may borrow the idea soon. 😉


  2. Love the mixtiles collage! I am so very jealous of your hiking areas. I love Florida but having been to the highest point the and knowing it isn’t really even a hill. Hiking can get old fast unless I run into flowers or wildlife to photograph. I do love mountainous terrain, but that won’t happen for a while.


  3. Very nice job on your wall of pictures Mary! I love how the simple design (and I don’t mean that negatively) draws your eye in and makes you really look at the pictures! Thank you for sharing the site, I had not ever heard of it. I have some pictures that I think I would like to do this with. I noticed you put in that beautiful magazine worthy picture of the deer 🙂


  4. I love those Mixtiles! I am going to give them a try. I don’t do fancy either and I have the perfect wall for them. The hardest part is picking out the photos I like best. Looks like you had a great time hiking.


  5. That little dog looks exactly like our little TEDDY dog! Exactly, even the harness and haircut! Our Teddy passed just before Christmas 2019. Thanks for sharing. Love the mix tiles, never saw that before. Will definitely look in to that!


  6. What a nice display! I don’t think I have wall space left for more pictures (too many quilts on the wall) but those are great!


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