I’m trying to teach Finn not to bark at the deer in the yard … he’s doing better and most of the time he just lets out a low growl…except the other day when he completely missed this one at the window of Keith’s office. I’m a little jealous because Keith sees more deer in the front yard from his office window than I do in the back yard from my sewing room!


  1. Lol, I hope you didn’t show this picture to Finn when he woke up. We have a lot of birds in our yard and I have taught our dog not to bark or chase them. She just sits and watches them. Cutest thing! Do you need to worry about deer ticks there? We don’t have them in our area but on the Eastern side they have them and I worry when we take our dog there. She is very small so close to the ground.

  2. Oh geez, my three dogs are going crazy over the critters on this mountain. We DO have deer, but they usually don’t come down. The cows are driving us crazy. Honestly, cows are pretty filthy. This is a crazy life.
    xx, Carol

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