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I was back to work today … the framed 16 patch quilt is half way assembled. I set it aside to make some more masks but I’ll try to get it finished up tomorrow. Adam is coming tomorrow evening for a visit and Chris and Becky are coming Sunday. Caleb doesn’t like wearing masks so I decided I’d try to make it more fun, Becky heard a rumor that I’d made a mask for Keith using elastic and wanted to try one she didn’t have to tie, and Chris had found some Smokey the Bear fabric and wanted a couple masks. All done. I decided to use the elastic for Caleb’s too so I added that after I snapped the photo.

I went searching for a pattern using the elastic and found some with the pleated masks but the one I liked best allowed me to use my templates that my sister and her friend developed and the elastic goes around the head not around the ears. I used 22 inches of 1/4 inch “rope” elastic for Becky’s and 20 inches for Caleb’s. I threaded it through the casings, overlapped it 1/2 inch and sewed the ends together. That join can be hidden in the casing on the side of the mask

I got a photo today of our bench being installed at the cemetery. He told me that they’ll do the landscaping around it once it’s not quite so hot – some small bushes and grass. We both love it! Knowing we were going to be cremated, I always expected to be in a drawer somewhere … the bench is way cooler … and I can see my Dad’s grave from it. Not something I could do if I was in a different part of the cemetery. I’m so happy they were willing to work with me to find a spot near Dad.

And finally, another recipe to share. I found this Instant Pot Greek Nacho recipe a couple months ago and have served it several times. It’s one of Keith’s favorites. We had it again for dinner and he loved it.


  1. I made 4 masks today using a different pattern. I changed it some and will change it again tomorrow when I make more. Mine today turned out to be reversible, very simple to make, I can make one in five minutes. I read that they recommend using 3 layers so I added a somewhat thinner layer and it turned out great. Hubby wants a band around the head so I’ll try using that tomorrow. Going to cut the elastic off his older tidy whiteys and use it as a friend suggested it. My first today was made from beautiful floral fabric but was too big for me, hubby said he didn’t care, he’ll wear it 😂

  2. I made the fitted masks but can’t figure out you are going to be àble to put the elastic over your head the way it is looped thru the casing. Would it be possible to post a picture of someone with it on to show where the elastic goes?

  3. That is a very nice bench Mary! I took my young granddaughter to the cemetery one time and she asked me why I was looking at so many other graves that were in the same vicinity of my dad’s grave. I told her they were all different family members and she was so fascinated by that. That family made arrangements to be buried by each other. She had never been to a cemetary before so she had no idea that’s how a lot of people like to do it. It may be morbid to some i guess, but that was a great way to share some family history with her. My apologies for such a long post but, I really like the design of the masks you make. Do they by chance sell that pattern? Have a beautiful day Mary ❤

  4. Your bench is a wonderful idea. Our plots are in a little rural cemetery where my husband’s parents and grandparents are buried, along with tons of aunts, uncles and cousins. I do like that idea of the bench. HMMM – you’ve given me food for thought.

    I mailed 7 masks to Minneapolis yesterday for family members. And a friend picked up 10 of them yesterday for her kids. And I have 10 more cut out and ready to sew for 3 of my grandkids for school. We got on a video call last night and Jonah specifically asked if he could have one with KC Chiefs on one side and plain grey on the other. Luckily I already have 2 like that ready to sew. I showed Olivia her fabrics and she approved too. And my daughter asked if I had enough of the bicycle print to make her another one. I do, so I’ll get that one made for her as well. I can deliver them all next Saturday as I’m driving there to spend the day.

  5. Your bench is very nice and I really like that idea. Your masks are cute and I like that design. I am hoping I don’t have to make any more though. I am currently working on a teddy bear rag quilt for our great granddaughter’s 1st birthday tomorrow. I have to embroider the mouth on and I don’t do embroidery so I am a little nervous about that. Thank goodness for You Tube!!

  6. How did I not know about Smokey the Bear fabric! My mom & dad wanted a bench for their plot, but my sister won’t give up the ashes. Maybe when she is ready we will install a bench. Their plot has a nice view of a duck pond.

  7. I can’t seem to get that fitted facemask shape to work for me. The mask slides down my face as I talk even with a wire nose piece. I keep going back to the folded ones but you can’t see fabric designs as well on those…

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