The weekend

We had a nice visit with Adam and the kids this weekend. Yes, that’s me playing cornhole … Keith arranged with Chris to have two boards made … one for the Washington Redskins and one for the Vikings … guess which team is mine?!

And a nice hike this afternoon when they left to go home.

I crocheted a little this afternoon … still don’t think I’m going to get this blanket done before I leave but I am more than 3/4 of the way through it. One more week here in Big Canoe …


  1. Hopefully the Vikings won! 🙂 I noticed right away that Finn was getting his share of attention with the kids too. Enjoy your last week there.

  2. Hoping you won’t have too much packing to do in order to head back to Tampa, Mary. Enjoy your remaining Big Canoe days. In case I don’t stop back by before you leave, safe journey!

  3. Are there horse properties in your area ? My husband would be crazy happy to live there but we have four horses to bring.

  4. I didn’t know the game was called cornhole but it looks like same game we played at my brother’s house and which he’d made in his workshop. It’s such a fun family game.

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