The weekend

We had a nice visit with Adam and the kids this weekend. Yes, that’s me playing cornhole … Keith arranged with Chris to have two boards made … one for the Washington Redskins and one for the Vikings … guess which team is mine?!

And a nice hike this afternoon when they left to go home.

I crocheted a little this afternoon … still don’t think I’m going to get this blanket done before I leave but I am more than 3/4 of the way through it. One more week here in Big Canoe …

6 thoughts on “The weekend

  1. Hopefully the Vikings won! 🙂 I noticed right away that Finn was getting his share of attention with the kids too. Enjoy your last week there.


  2. Are there horse properties in your area ? My husband would be crazy happy to live there but we have four horses to bring.


  3. I didn’t know the game was called cornhole but it looks like same game we played at my brother’s house and which he’d made in his workshop. It’s such a fun family game.


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