Hiking and chores

Another day without sewing … good thing I’ve already gotten everything on my list done but I’m still thinking I’ll get a Quick Strippie pieced at some point this week and I might make some more masks too.

I did laundry and chores today … all my guest beds are made up and ready for the next overnight visitors which might not be until we come back in September. We’ll probably see Chris and Becky before we leave but I don’t know if they’ll stay overnight.

We had terrible storms this afternoon … one reason I didn’t sew … but managed to get out for another 3 mile hike after it cleared. Deer, bear, snakes … we never know what we’ll see on our hikes. Today it was a turtle.

And Keith had a herd of deer come up to his window today while he was working. I can’t believe how close they get to the house. We’ve seen the mama and babies in the back several times in the last couple weeks too. We never saw deer at the condo although we would see them when we were driving or hiking … we’re very close to the lake here so I’m assuming our yard is just in the path they take to and from it.


  1. How fun to have the deer so close. When our bird feeders were closer to the house, the deer would come right up to the window. We have “crank out” windows, and occasionally they would even stick their heads in an open window between the glass and the screen.

  2. That looks like a whole family of deer? The area your in there looks like a great place for hiking.!Seems like your time there went by so fast! Can’t believe we’re into August already! Hopefully you’ll finish the blanket before you go and maybe a little Quilt? Take care!

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