My summer vacation

It’s easy to get caught up in what we CAN’T do right now … I miss going out to eat, I miss traveling, and I miss seeing my MOM … but looking back over the last 7+ weeks it’s been a pretty good summer.

I’ve been productive in the sewing room and will be taking a bunch of tops home to quilt.

I’ve made about 50 masks for family … we’ll be wearing these for a while!!

And I’ve had time with the boys, a short visit from my brother, lots of hiking and some kayaking!

I’m loving it here in Big Canoe and we’re already looking forward to the next visit … we have a few more days before we leave and Chris and Becky are coming for a quick visit tomorrow.


  1. I miss going out to eat too. And playing cards with my girlfriends once a week. But I keep reminding myself that we’re still healthy, and employed. And we’re spending some time with family again cautiously.

  2. We had a new restaurant open in town. They are only offering curbside pickup. You phone in your order, they tell you when it will be ready. You text them when you arrive and tell them which numbered parking spot you are in. A server delivers your order to your car. You can pay by check/cash to your server or pay by phone when you call in. It’s our new favorite treat.
    Our children’s summer concert series resumed a week ago. We went again last night and there were about a dozen families, excellent social distancing, compliance with mask wearing when going beyond you family area. The concert venue is adjacent to the town beach, so that is available if little people get itchy during the one hour show. These have been fun things to do.

  3. Mary, can you please send me the website you used for mask making. I am going to switch from the pleated to these more form fitted masks. Thanks. After 4 months we have been able to open for inside dining, but pick -up has always been available and that has worked out well.

  4. You definitely made good use of your vacation. And I can see why you love it there. But things to look forward to in Florida too. Safe travels!!

  5. I’m with you. I’ve had 3 cancelled concerts and 3 cancelled trips. This is how I was celebrating my first year of retirement. In turn, I am grateful for my health, an amazing husband, the fact that I had saved $ for decades to retire at age 58 and I have ample stash to quilt.

    Blessed indeed.

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