I’m itching to play in my scraps … it takes more time to pull fabric and cut but I love scrap quilts. Going back and forth between Florida and Georgia makes it a bit harder. When I’m at home I’ve got to focus on quilting and binding and I’ll end up doing most of my piecing here in Georgia. I have a bunch of precuts and kits here but I’ll need to try to bring scrappy projects too whether it’s one like the triangles I precut with my GO before coming in June or just grabbing a bunch of scraps and tossing them in a bin.

I’ve got some goals set for the time at home …

  • Quilt 10 tops
  • Bind as many of them as I can
  • make a set of 48 HeartStrings blocks
  • finish my Rainbow String blocks (I need blue and turquoise blocks to round out my sets)
  • cut a scrappy project to bring back to GA to piece in September


  1. I hope you are headed to Georgia late in the month. You set ambitious goals always but with the other stuff going on these are beyond ambitious. Good luck!

  2. Wow, what a list. I have no doubt you will get it done though. I have so many distractions right now and find it hard to even grab a couple of hours for sewing. I did pick up 2 quilts from the quilter so I need to get binding on those. As much as I hate hand work, one of the quilts is a Hunter Star and I think it deserves to have hand binding. The other one is for a child so I will machine bind that one. Enjoy your last couple of days in GA!

  3. That’s a lot of sewing in a month. Do all of those quilts go to Maine when they are done? You two have a safe trip back to Florida. From what I hear on the television Their having a horrible time with the virus! I’m sure you two will be careful so take care and stay safe!! xo

  4. Your quilts are beautiful Mary! You get so much done….I don’t think you ever sleep 😉

  5. Those quilts are just spectacular, Mary! I, too, love playing with my scraps but they just seem to take over the joint… LOL! Working on the 365 HeartStrings blocks this past weekend & this week, my floor looks like there was an explosion in a fabric factory… tho the cat loves it! LOL! I need to get caught up on my projects because I found the perfect jelly roll to make your “Boxes” pattern & now I’m itching to be stitching on that.

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