Getting Organized

As you can imagine after being away for 8 weeks, I have some organizing to do. Don’t be shocked but I’m already unpacked and since I did laundry before I left Big Canoe it’s already done too, I’ve sorted through and dealt with all the mail that’s piled up, and I’ve organized this group of tops sent by Sue along with some of the Rainbow HeartStrings blocks for Maine.

There were 8 tops in the box along with fabric for some of the bindings. I’ve pulled backing fabric or donated backs for 6 of them, pulled additional fabric and have cut 7 bindings, and they’re on the shelf waiting for their turn for quilting. The plan is to quilt at least 2 of them during my quilting marathon over the next 4 weeks.

I’ve also made dinner for tonight. This recipe for Waldorf Chicken salad is one of Keith’s favorites now and a good choice for hot summers days!

Now it’s time to go unpack the bin of tops I pieced in Georgia and get them organized. I should be ready to start quilting by tomorrow!


  1. So much energy! But you are a naturally organized person. I’m looking forward to seeing the quilts your Heartstrings group has made.

  2. I am happy that you got that much done! The tests will take time and cause disruption in your schedule but you have to be ahead of the game with all your work. One good thing is mail delivery up in Georgia. The mail at the end of the trip should be easier to tackle.

  3. You just put us all to shame! But it’s so wonderful to see all the projects you turn out! And yum… Waldorf Salad! My favorite after Jaycee Women Chicken Salad on these dog days of summer!

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