Go Bolts!

In general I’m against the push FOR sports at any cost during this pandemic and don’t think many of them can be played safely … the “bubble” being used by the NBA and NHL seems to be an exception. I especially think it’s irresponsible for colleges and high schools to move ahead with sports in areas with rising numbers of deaths and hospitalizations.

Having said all that, I am enjoying watching the Tampa Bay Lightning play again and today’s game was a cliff hanger … 5 overtime periods before we won 3-2. The 4 longest game in playoff history.

We mostly just follow Hockey and Football but I’ll be happy for everyone when all sports can safely resume.

After the game when Keith went up to bed I went back into the sewing room. This afternoon, I’d finished organizing the projects I brought back from Georgia and pulled backings for them all so I was ready to start sewing. The only piecing I expect to get done while I’m home is finishing my Rainbow HeartStrings blocks and making a set of 48 HeartStrings blocks for our 365 for Marianne project. Tonight I pulled blues and turquoise strings and scraps and started the last of the Rainbow blocks.


  1. While I’m super bummer there will be no NFL season this fall (I don’t care what they say… there’s not gonna be a season & I wish they’d quit teasing us with hollow promises), you gotta love you some hockey! I love to have a Red Wings game on in the background while I’m sewing so I’m right there with you re your game night. I, too, have been hard at work on HeartString block for the 365 for Marianne project. I’ll keep going till I run out of white on white & then finish the quilt top that’s waiting for borders. I’m hoping to make more HeartStrings blocks when I get caught up on some of my other sewing but I wanted to get at least a dozen or so made ASAP. It’s too hot, humid, & stormy to think of even going outside so I might as well sew!

  2. What a game! Can’t imagine the refueling that must be done today to be ready to go again tomorrow! But it’s the playoffs and they will find a way! From a die-hard Columbus Blue Jackets Season Ticket Holder – Go Jackets!

  3. Hi Mary! I agree wholeheartedly. But it IS kind of cool seeing hockey again. I saw golf was back (and boring!) on Sunday. I am worried about professional football returning but I only watch on TV anyway. Will there ever be a Lambeau Leap again?!! Glad you made it back home safely to Tampa. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I agree as well, but will also admit I’ve been watching Minnesota Twins baseball. Some of the teams seem to be doing a better job than others at keeping the virus at bay. I will really miss college football, and am keeping my fingers crossed for college basketball. HS football in our state (SD) is beginning practices this week, so we’ll see if the schools manage to keep kids healthy. I really think the schools will do a good job, but as a decades-long teacher I can verify that many kids get sent to school sick in normal times, so I’m sure the same irresponsible parents will do it now too. And I don’t even want to think about the spread of Covid at the Sturgis motorcyle rally. Although our state health department stated this week that those folks will be counted in the state they go back to, not in SD. Guess that makes it OK. Yikes!!!

  5. Sports aren’t that important to me but they are certainly not life and death important. I thought that went out with the Roman colosseum and fighting lions. But seriously we have a lot of adjustments to make and as far as I can tell no one is listening.

  6. I’m with you on the sport thoughts for high school and college. (I’m a HUGE Blackhawk fan…born in Chicago you know so of course I love the CUBS!!) There has been so much comment about school sports. I overhear parents in the grocery store complaining that their kids need the outlet. Really. I just don’t get that kind of thinking. Then there’s the “should schools open” conversation that I refuse to be a part of too. I feel sad for the school age generation, but not so much for those missing their sport dream.
    xx, Carol

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