# 1 of 10 is quilted. Top was pieced by Sue and sent to me to be quilted and donated. Pantograph is Mach 1 – one of the new ones I purchased before leaving for Georgia and I got this one and 6 other new ones installed this morning. I tend to get in a rut with pantographs especially when I find ones that work on lots of different quilts but I’m going to try to use some of the new ones too … not just my old favorites. It’s already trimmed and ready for binding.

I also pieced a batting for this one. My batting bin is overflowing so I’ll try to work it down by piecing battings for some of the smaller tops.

Keith’s niece received the quilt I sent and texted me a photo of the baby along with her thanks. You can’t go wrong with a Quick Strippie!


  1. Hi Mary! Aww, what a sweet little baby. He makes the quilt look all the more special. I like the look of that panto, too. It’s not too dense so the quilt will be nice and quilty, squishy, soft. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Perfect pantograph for that quilt. And adorable baby and love the strippie quilt!! Looks like she likes it too! I’m in the process of reorganizing my sewing room. What a job!!!

  3. Aww! That little one on the quilt just made me smile. So precious! I have used your Quick Strippie quilt pattern often and love how it turns out every time. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Can’t help not love the baby picture! Your quilt looks so nice and bright behind him or her?? Really like the quilt you just got through quilting! very nice. Love the way you just jump right in and start to get the Quilts done. Take care!

  5. That pantograph that you used on Sue’s quilt looks like it was made for it! It compliments the quilt nicely. That little girl sure is a cutie all snuggled in her quilt!

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