I got a late start and Keith had a half day off today … but as luck would have it … I went looking in the closet for a top that I could use the turquoise thread that was already on the machine and this Strippie was perfect! A watery meandering in the focus fabric and some wave like swirls were freehand quilted. #2 of 10 is quilted, trimmed and ready for binding. This one also had a pieced batting and now I can put some turquoise thread on the sewing machine and get the binding on both of them.

Keith took a bike ride while I was finishing up and then we spent some time in the pool. We didn’t go to either pool at Big Canoe because of the crowds but here, we have a 21 unit townhouse community and there’s rarely more than one or two groups. Today we had it mostly to ourselves. My pool boy, even cleared the leaves out!

7 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. Hi Mary! Oh man, that pool looks so inviting. Your pool boy is a keeper! Maybe you could ask him out for dinner or something?!! And the quilting looks like it was inspired by the pool. ~smile~ Roseanne


  2. You know I always love your strippie quilts! The quilting that you did on this one really made it come to life. I really like the yellow on this one. It gives it a nice punch of color.


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