It’s the weekend … and while the days seem to run together without Keith traveling, we do like to get out of the house on the weekends when he’s off. These days that means hiking in Georgia and biking here in Florida … we aren’t going out to eat at all … not even in our favorite outdoor spots but we do pack a little picnic with snacks.

We did a 10 mile ride to Davis Island – I love sitting by the water!

It was hot … 91 degrees and the humidity was 66% but we had a nice breeze on the bikes! We tried to go for a swim in the pool after we got home but the thunder sounded threatening about 10 minutes after we’d jumped in so that didn’t last long.

Even though I don’t “plan” sewing time on the weekends, there’s always little bits of time to be found. Since quilting the little top yesterday morning … I’ve finished the last 10 Rainbow HeartStrings blocks and hand sewn the binding on the first two quilts – one last night, and one this afternoon. I’m making good progress on my list which is good because our time here in Tampa is already flying by.


  1. When I first saw your post, I thought “How do they ride bikes in the FL summer heat?” (we used to live in Orlando & I remember the heat & humidity all too well). Then I saw it was 91 with 66% & thought “That’s what it was here yesterday” — in WISCONSIN! I keep telling people our weather up here is changing & not for the better! Hope you had a good bike ride! Me? I’m in, under the A/C full blast, getting ready to box up my HeartStrings 365 blocks.

    • Hi Rebecca! I’m in Wisconsin, too and it has been way too humid lately. I’m staying in and being thankful for the a/c! I’m in the SE corner just west of Racine. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Hi Mary! It seems like last time you biked there, they wouldn’t let you stop and sit and enjoy the water. I love to watch the water, too. Especially when you are also cooling off a bit before heading back home. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I don’t seem to be able to use the ‘like’ button for your posts, but am loving them all. You continue to be so productive and the quilts are lovely. I am sure that the demands for them will grew as the world wide economy worsens. Stay safe.

  4. I would be OK with the heat, but when the humidity is high I am miserable. We had a very humid August, but this weekend was beautiful. I even played golf both days.

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