#4 of 10 is quilted. Pantograph is African Samba. I don’t love this panto on this quilt … but I did like how easy it was to quilt. It flowed very smoothly. Hopefully, I’ll choose a more suitable quilt next time. I’m thinking it would look good on a HeartStrings quilt and maybe I should downsize it a little too but I don’t dislike it on this one, I just don’t love it.

It’s already trimmed and the binding is machine stitched on and ready for me to hand stitch tonight.


  1. I’m sure it’s hard to picture how a quilting design will look on a quilt before starting to stitch. I’m sure who ever ends up with this pretty quilt will love it no matter how it’s quilted.

  2. African Samba is a nice contrast with a modern panto on a traditional pattern. I am thinking of a 2020 version of a baptist fan.

  3. Not at all! I love the African Samba on this quilt. It’s always hard for me to visualize how to quilt HSTs because I don’t want to echo the triangle or square shapes because that just screams “I’M A HALF-SQUARE TRIANGLE BLOCK”. It’s perfect because the panto is uniting all the blocks by crossing into the neighboring blocks. It’s not limiting itself to the confines of the HSTs. It truly is a Samba dancing across the quilt. Without seeing other pantos in your collection to compare it to, I think it was a good choice.

  4. I love African Samba but I’ve learned the same thing you have: it doesn’t look good on everything. One of the first times I used it was on a jelly roll race quilt using jungle fabrics. It looked terrific. If you look at my post from yesterday I used it on a another horizontal quilt and it looks great. It’s such a great design but I’ve learned I have to be really careful where I use it to get the best results. Try it on one of your strippy quilts to see if you like it better on one of those.

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