Another error in judgement today … I’m not sure why I’m having such a challenging time with the new pantographs. I downsized this one but it was still way larger than I expected. It’s weird because I kind of expect the digital file to be at the “recommended” size and then I can tweak it up or down to suit my needs but some of them obviously come sized way larger than their paper equivalent… in this case 2 times larger! I don’t dislike it but I know I’ll like it much better at a smaller size. Panto is Feather Flip and I’ll definitely try it again on another quilt. I’m a little frustrated with myself because I knew these last two weren’t quite right but because they’re new, I figured I’d just try them and see how they would come out … a learning experience in both cases but I’m disappointed that I don’t love the results. Usually I’m much happier with my choices.

Even with the design super sized, there is more than enough quilting to meet my batting requirements. I used a Pellon batting I’d ordered from Joann’s which can be quilted up to 10 inches apart but this is the last roll I’ll get from them. Shipping has been free when I’ve ordered it and the batting itself was on sale which made it a great deal but I much prefer the Hobbs 80/20. Shipping on the Hobbs rolls is up to $30+ per roll and the Hobbs rolls never go on sale which is why I’ve been trying others. I’ll finish the Pellon I have here but I just ordered another roll of the Hobbs.

I’m getting ready to start my HeartStrings blocks for our 365 for Marianne and after looking at my string bin, I decided I would make one of our Sharon inspired HeartStrings quilts that I had kitted up several years ago. I did make a couple substitutions to get to the group of fabric shown above. I want this to be a guy quilt and variety in my string bin is a bit low to be picky so this will be easier for now as I continue my quilting and binding marathon. The tumbler top quilted today is #5 of 10 and I finished the HST binding last night so I’m making progress.


  1. I like it! I think it will be fine. Downsize it next time, but this is fine. We have narrowed in on warm and white from Joanns. We had a problem with one roll being stretched out and it was replaced. Good sale prices and fast delivery. We also order 70/30 dream cotton by Quilters Dream from Kingsman. Our two favorites. You just have to try and find what work best. Looks great!

  2. Hi Mary! Oh, I know just what you mean about the Joann batting. I had a roll of one kind that I really liked (can’t think of the name right this moment). Then I thought I’d try a new one (Pellon) during a 50% off sale and free shipping from Joann. I absolutely hate it and of course it is taking forever to use up. It’s had such thin softs in some places that I’ve actually doubled the batting layer. That also works toward using it up quicker. I’m so glad I saved the label of the kind I really like. Also, I see what you mean about the panto size. It’s odd that it didn’t match the paper copy but you’ve learned a valuable lesson. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne P.S. Interesting comment from Bunny – it is all a personal preference.

  3. Yes, the feathers are probably a little bigger than you’d have preferred (I’m with you… I’d figure they’d come “ready to use” zie & you could adjust accordingly) but I do love that panto. And I REALLY love the fabrics you’ve pulled for your “Sharon-inspired” 365 (tho I’m not really sure what “Sharon-inspired” is). Don’t feel alone in your batting dilemma. I have a quilting friend who’s in the same boat. Have you ever used bamboo? I have a package (also on of cashmere) that I have yet to use. I like Warm ‘N’ Natural & Hobbs Wool the best.

  4. I tried a Pellon batting from JoAnn’s too and didn’t care for it much. I thought it was going to be like the Hobbs 80/20, which is my favorite, but it wasn’t as nice.

  5. The only two I will use are the Hobbs and Quilter’s Dream which is my #1. Hobbs is great as well. Brought a bunch at Road to CA show a few years ago on a Sunday when the prices really dropped. They didn’t want to take it all back with them. Great prices!

  6. Do you ever run your “man quilt” fabric pulls past Keith for his opinion?
    My hubs, and kiddos have definite opinions. I sent photos to my kids of crazy necktie squares (strips on the diagonal) made 25 yrs ago by my kids, Mom, Grandmother, and me. I included a brief reminder of the history, said there’s about enough for two sofa sized quilts, were either at all interested? They responded as I expected, according to personality. Son: Yes, I’d love a piece of family history in quilt form. Daughter: silence (a minimalist, not a fan of any patchwork, & not wanting to hurt any feelings or say anything negative). So, my son who has three children, may get three sofa quilts. These two, plus the necktie quilt I made 40+ yrs ago w my other grandmother.

  7. I like it, but a smaller scale would have been prettier. Why didn’t you stop the machine after the first row, you could have removed the stitches and adjusted the scale to much smaller.

  8. Hi Mary, have a cup of tea, go for a walk, relax a moment. You know that nothing handmade is perfect…I think it looks fine and the recipient of this quilt will think it is the bomb! Especially if they don’t sew or quilt. I have had the same feelings myself after quilting or finishing a piece, I think we all have. Most of my quilts go to my family or to Project Linus. All are met with joy and appreciation and no one is ever the wiser except me. We all are, without a doubt, our own worst critic! I love your quilt, by the way…it is in the colorway that I prefer the most! Stitch on!

  9. This is a beautiful quilt and next time you know. I use BattingSuperSale for orders, shipping is included in the price. They do run sales and can be a little slow, but are speedy a good part of the time. I am still working out which would be my favorites for the longarm for quilting. I always used Quilters Dream but the loft of some of the Hobbs is nice. I am trying a Dream Puff soon. I did hate the 70/30 QDream, which is funny as I love their cotton. I prefer the feel of QD to Hobbs, but was using it as part of the ambassador program and liked some of it.

  10. I really like the scale of that panto, Mary. Most of mine are much tighter designs and use WAY too much thread for my liking!! Nice fabric pull for your Heartstrings quilt. It’s going to be gorgeous!

  11. I am not especially fond of the Pellon batting I got from Joannes. It is not consistent. I truly like to rub my hands across a quilt and not have any dips. The batting is thin enough but to have some spots noticeably thinner bugs me. It seems to be sturdy and hold together even in the thin spots but it is weird. It happened at the beginning of the roll and I haven’t seen or felt it since. We each have our favorites!

  12. I really like the quilting! I like a more open quilting design but I have a MegaQuilter on a frame and can only do pantos 5″ or less in size. I’m thankful I have the MegaQuilter and am able to finish quilts quickly, but sometimes I wish I could do bigger, more open designs. Whoever receives that quilt will love it!

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