365 blocks for Marianne

HeartStrings is doing a project in honor of one of our members that passed away this year. Marianne always participated in our 365 block challenge and was lamenting that she was not going to be able to meet the goal this year due to her health issues. When she died, we decided as a group to make her blocks for her and the quilts will be finished and donated all over. I decided I’d do one of our Sharon inspired HeartStrings quilts for my 48 blocks and made a start tonight. I’m going to love this combination! The photo is a little dark because I snapped it after midnight. Keith took some PTO this afternoon and we went for a bike ride and a swim after watching the Lightning win again so I didn’t get into the sewing room until late tonight after Keith went to bed.

While most of our HeartStrings quilts are made from leftover strips and strings, this is a more planned layout and starts with yardage. I have some brief instructions on my website. Sharon is one of our members in Maine and after admiring her quilts, we started copying her! This was the first one I’d made and while I love the scrappy HeartStrings quilts … these are great too.


  1. While I love all your HeartStrings quilts, this “Sharon-inspired” one is stunning! I love the colors/fabric you’re using!

  2. These Sharon versions of the string quilts are really special and your colors are great. Very autumn inspired. Your group has chosen to honor your friends in a perfect way – making her blocks for her.

  3. I love your color combinations in both quilts! And great pattern. There are soooooo many wonderful patterns that it is overwhelming for me at times. I don’t know which one to make first. And how you can sew after midnight is unbelievable!! I need to train myself to require less sleep.

  4. I love the design of this quilt! I don’t know that I would have been drawn to those fabrics if I was in a quilt shop or buying fabric online, but that goes to show that you should always leave your options open because your fabrics are stunning! They compliment the design very well. What a beautiful quilt you’re making in memory of Marianne.

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