#6 of 10 is quilted. This is one of my UFO’s from last year and I think I’m probably going to end up keeping it. I don’t need another quilt but Mom and I made two quilts together when she was here during one of her extended visits last year. This was mine – I love that it’s so scrappy and I love that Mom and I made it together. I’m going to set it aside once it’s bound – I won’t use it or give it away until I decide. Pantograph is Leafy Love.

Brief instructions can be found on the website.

I almost hate saying this but I kind of wish I’d hand quilted this one! However, my hand quilting is something else that has stalled out. I’ve got one in progress that I took to Big Canoe thinking I might get it finished there but didn’t touch it.


  1. You are just moving right along! I love this quilt and plan on making one someday. I hope your mother is doing well! I bet she misses visiting and sewing with you.

  2. I would definitely keep it since you and your mom worked on these quilts together. That would make it extra special. And someday one of your grandchildren may love it just as much as you. The quilting design was perfect for it.

  3. Love this quilt and your thoughts to keep it for yourself. What a precious memory of working with your mom. It’s like a gift to yourself. I like to hand quilt when I know it is a special quilt or it for a gift.It takes longer but is still one of my favorite things to do.

  4. It is speciallly the quilting ,that makes it looking so perfectly. Well done. I love your quilt.

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