Do you blog?!

You should! Even if no one visited I would still blog. It’s my diary … the story of my life for the last 15 years and I love going back and reading old entries. Tonight I was looking back over my posts from 2009.

In addition to all the hundreds of posts about quilting …. there were many posts and photos of Chesty. Finn brings us such joy and love but before him … Chesty did too and I love reading about him and seeing photos of him. They keep the memories from fading away.

There are also lots of posts about family – especially my boys.

Many, many posts about all our travels including this trip to Ireland to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

And little details about the places we’ve lived in those 15 years I’ve been blogging … like biking in Minneapolis. Lots of little things captured for all time. All precious memories.

If you don’t blog you should!


  1. I no longer blog but it was a great diary. I love you blog and know you at least once but I think yearly make books of blog highlights and I love that concept. My daughters track their lives and our important trips sre documented in photobooks. We do dance recitals, school plays, visits with them and books about the granddaughters’ roles in the local dinner theater. We did books about meeting his other family and I have gathered books about his family heritage with cracked and pictures over the last hundred years. I probably own a good portion of shutterfly and would have thought my excessive spending would have kept winkflash afloat but it didn’t.

  2. I do blog – since May 2009. And like you, it’s my journal and I enjoy going back to find photos and things. And like you it’s mostly about quilting, but also about family.

  3. Yes, I blog and wish I would post more. Right now I am in a slump. I also have a private blog that I write to relieve my frustration with certain people. I write what I would say and shouldn’t. Sometimes I delete it for fear it will be hacked and become viral, lol. All in all I am grateful that the friends I have made still blog.
    xx, Carol

  4. Oh yes i am a blogger for sure!! It is a virtual diary–I love looking back on quilts i’ve made, people in photos all that stuff…I don’t do facebook or Instagram–just not the same…i am WAY too chatty for those…I do enjoy your blog posts a lot…
    Hugs Julierose

  5. My blog is also my virtual quilt diary. IG is ok for some, but I love the stories that go along with the pictures!! Some complain that blogging takes too much time. I believe the time spent SEW worth preserving the memories!

  6. Like the colors of the Quilt your going to make next . Will be hard to chose between the two colors. You have quite a lot of beautiful materials . It’s always fun to go back and look at all the memories and see how the kids have grown. They look so young in those photos. Will be fun to see what color you decide to do the quilt. You sure have been busy!! Take care and Stay safe

  7. Hi Mary, I am a blogger, too. Although, not as prolific as you! I generally post once a week and comment on what has been going on in my life. Vacation trips, home renovations, quilt and sewing projects, scrapbooking projects, and occasionally some other topic. It helps me keep in touch with my daughters and friends. I, too, use it as a sewing diary. Being a scrapbooker, I also make a quilt diary book of the things I make. I sometimes get behind in making pages, and the blog comes in handy to look up all the details. I am on Volume 4. I love your blog, Mary…you put me to shame! You are a whirlwind!

  8. I have a blog, but have not posted there in years. Your so right about it being a diary of our lives. I quit blogging when Bill got sick, and now that he is gone, I don’t know if I can go back to it. I’ll go take a look at it, and see how I feel. I so enjoy your blog and reading your past entries.

  9. I took your advice and started blogging again – last entry was May 30! So now, I’m trying to blog everyday. Thanks. I do enjoy it.

  10. I guess though I enjoy blogging I haven’t really spent time looking over past posts… Occasionally I need to recall a date or a project and it is nice to be able to check back. Hopefully someday my kids will want to browse through the history I’ve jotted down.

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