I had a slow start but feel pretty happy with my progress today. Quilt #10 of 10 is loaded on the longarm and ready for quilting, binding #8 is finished, I knit this evening watching the Tour de France, I finished assembling my HeartStrings top for our 365 for Marianne project – made in memory of one of our members who died earlier this year, AND I sewed in the ends of my Petal blanket!!

I like how this one looks even better close up! It’s one of our Sharon inspired HeartStrings quilts so more of a strip quilt that a string quilt but still lots of fun to make. You can find brief instructions on my website.


  1. Wow! That is beautiful. It has almost an African feel to me – reminding me of some fabric a friend bought in Kenya a few years ago. Maybe it’s those earthy colors. Love it.

  2. This has to be my favorite Heart Strings Quilt. I like that it has color scheme to it. The earthy tones just pop. I read through the your directions and maybe I’m missing it, but how big are your finished blocks. Such a nice way to honor the memory of a fellow quilter and friend, so many people will be warmed by these hugs of fabric..

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