One of the advantages to blogging is that occasionally someone contacts me and asks if I’m interested in trying a product. Jan is a silversmith and emailed me about her Thimbles and I was thrilled to have a chance to try one. Luckily, when they arrived I had a binding ready to hand stitch down. She sent a number of them for me to try and I chose 4 that fit well but really, I only sewed with my two favorites … the bird and the lamb!

Jan has offered me a free thimble in exchange for my opinion and sharing information on the blog and I have to tell you I love them so much I’ve written her and am going to purchase a second one … yep, the bird and the lamb both felt great on my finger and I love the idea of using a piece of art to create my quilts! Having new thimbles also makes me want to get back to hand quilting … I’ve got one in progress that I haven’t touched for months … maybe even a year or more … I took it to Big Canoe last trip and maybe next time I’ll actually work on it and finish it up!!

You can check out Jan’s site at this link: Thimbles for You


  1. Wow! Those thimbles are incredible!
    I have arthritis in my hands so I do VERY little hand sewing of any kind, but the thimbles would even just make a unique gift to add to a sewing room’s decor.

  2. Beautiful thimbles! I have arthritis too and sparingly sew by hand, otherwise I’d buy one. I loved your golden brown quilt, the seams are sewed together so well, I love great piecing.

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