Keith took another half day off today so we had time for a bike ride and a swim. Our little outdoor patio restaurant was empty again so we stopped for a beer and a late lunch. I’m kind of enjoying this part of our COVID routine with Keith taking some afternoons off and us going off biking or hiking during the week when everyone else is working!

Of course being Keith, he never seems to be completely off so after we finished our swim and before it was time for Happy Hour and watching the Tour de France, we both worked a little. My intention was to start cleaning up some in the sewing room and while I did get a start, I was sidetracked early on when I found some tumblers leftover … not enough for a doll quilt and I decided to cut some extras and go ahead and piece the top. Half the time the leftovers just get shoved in a baggie with a note – doll quilt – but I’m actually kind of OK with that. They make good projects for times I don’t feel like a big project but still want to sew something.

I also pulled a mountain of leftover binding from beside my machine where I throw them and when I pulled the leftover binding bin, found there’s no more room. I used to make a lot of pieced bindings for the group HeartStrings quilts but I rarely do anymore. I ended up separating the brights from the “duller” fabrics and will use them in string quilts. And the last project today was pulling all the quilt trimmings from under the longarm where I stuff them and separating the pieces for the scrap drawers or the string bins. With all of this, my sewing room is still a mess. I’ll keep working on it this weekend in between doing things with Keith and maybe it won’t be a complete disaster when we get back from Georgia.

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  1. That Tumbler “doll quilt” will make a sweet little autumn wall hanging. My mess under the longarm is a bigger mess than yours – and I’m not even TRYING to clean mine up this weekend!! 😛

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