1. I love word games but hate to compete. I play against the computer because it doesn’t know if I am rude. I get really excited when I find an off the wall word.

  2. I used to play W.W.F.’s on FB but now play Lexulous. When I get the board out at home I like to use a timer, as some players dawdle when playing their turn and I hate waiting around for what seems ages for somebody to lay their tiles. I also have a junior version which is great for kids 🙂

  3. Mary.. my Husband Terry and I used to get together with friends to play Dominoes… Mexican Train. We miss this Fun time together. We would have pot luck together and never new how many of Their Family and our friends would end up joining. It was fun. Now we try to play cards together at least. Carolyn

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  4. Nothing like good old fashioned board games in these times of isolation. My husband and I play a couple of the same games on our iPads and challenge each other for the highest score and shortest time to solve it. We are both very competitive. I like board games and grew up playing them. He unfortunately did not so iPads it is for us.

  5. We pull out the old Scrabble game every now and then too. But Dave always seems to beat me at Scrabble, and I’m not a gracious loser. LOL

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