More packing, some errands, and since I’d finished up in the sewing room … crochet and knitting to fill the remaining hours of the day. My Woodland Ripple is moving along quickly thanks to the Lightning game last night and the Tour de France tonight (we tape the race and watch it in the afternoon on weekends and in the evenings during the week). I love the texture of this ripple pattern and while it’s a little more involved than a simple ripple, it’s still very easy.

Since I want a smaller project to work on in the car, I also started a knit scarf.

  • Pattern – Feather and Fan Scarf – found free on Ravelry.
  • Yarn – LionBrand Heartland – colorway is Olympic
  • Needles – size 9

Just like my fabric stash, my yarn stash is extensive … probably more than I’ll ever actually knit or crochet into finished projects but I love being able to dig through it and find yarn for a project and just get started! Both of these projects are from stash yarn.


  1. You always choose such pretty colors. That blue is one of my favorite colors – Jackrabbit blue! A good stash does make it fun to “shop” for new projects.

  2. I was the recipient of a yarn stash many years ago. I believe 9 banker’ boxes. Aside from the afghan I am currently knitting, I am down to 3 skeins! It has been a long journey and many gifts have come from this gifted stash.

    It’s a fun challenge!

  3. Thanks for sharing the links for your knitting and crocheting projects! See these in future projects for charity..

  4. I think it’s always fun when you can use your stash yarn or quilting stash. I know I’ll never live long enough to use it all. It’ especially great right now with this virus going on. You don’t have to go into any store to buy it. Like the way the afghan is coming out! Stay safe !

  5. Love both those patterns! It’s always nice to have something you can pick up and work on when you can’t get to the sewing machine. I like to keep my hands busy too.

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