Big Canoe

We made it to Big Canoe late yesterday afternoon after an uneventful drive. I’m excited about the next few weeks … it’s already about 10 degrees cooler than it is at home and I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing. For now, it’s still mostly green but you can see a few leaves turning in a tree here and there. I’m going to post this photo of Sconti lake I took today and I’ll post another one later this fall.

I had a few errands to run and then I set about unpacking and organizing the projects I brought with me. I have lots more here than I can even begin to work on but the plan is to have plenty to choose from when I’m ready to start projects.

And then I put the first set of Rainbow HeartStrings blocks up on the design wall. This will get black sashing and I might move a couple blocks before I start sewing but I’m all set to work tomorrow!


  1. What a lovely time of year to be back in Big Canoe. And you are out of hurricane range too! Your string blocks look wonderful. I may copy that layout with my own rainbow blocks. I need to make 3 more however.

    Does Keith miss the work travel? My husband seems to be getting a little antsy and has made a couple of driving trips to visit clients. But he normally would attend several conferences and trade shows every year, and all of those were either cancelled, postponed, and or trying to figure out a virtual option. I’m getting used to having him home all of the time instead of his normal work travel.

  2. That lake is beautiful! I can’t wait to see the Fall picture. Fall is my favorite season because of all the beautiful colors. You got organized very quickly and I am anxious to see your quilt with the black sashing. I’m always afraid to use black but like it in most of the quilts I see with black back grounds and sashing. I need to get brave!

  3. I see your Caron Jumbo in the bin on the rack. I love crocheting with Caron Big Cakes. The texture is soft, it drapes nicely and no matter how many times I have to rip something out and reuse the yarn – especially the first two rows of a project – it doesn’t fuzz or pill. I know the Jumbo is not self-stripping, but I’m wondering if it has the same attributes as the Big Cakes. My question is, have you worked much with the Caron Jumbo? Thanks in advance.

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