I always feel like I’m behind! Traveling seems to eat away at my productive time whether it’s going between Big Canoe and Tampa or the frequent pre-COVID trips I took but I’ve made a good start on my list.

This is the first of 3 of these Rainbow HeartStrings blocks on my agenda over the next few weeks. You’ve seen similar quilts from me since we’ve done these blocks before and as much as I dislike sashing blocks … I love these blocks with black sashing and bright cornerstones so all 3 will get the same treatment.

This one is about 53 x 75. There will be one more this size and I’ve already put the next blocks up on the design wall. They might get moved around a little before I start to sew.

I’ve also laid out the smaller one which will be about 42 x 53. Originally I intended to make one or two of these and take rest of my blocks to Maine for group quilts but the Maine sew-in has been canceled this year so I’ll make all 3 of them. I was a bit heavy on pink and purple blocks so this one is less random than the other two. I do know that one purple block is rotated the wrong way in the photo below but I’ve already fixed it and picked the blocks up off the floor.

There are brief instructions on my website if you’d like to make one of these Rainbow HeartStrings quilts.


  1. These rainbow strings are awesome! I love the look of the finished top. I wish I enjoyed string sewing but alas, I do not. They will be so loved by their recipients!

  2. You’re behind? I guess I haven’t started at all. Gove yourself a break. You are doing great and pack and unpack once a monthish and have to do all the things associated with tha t.

    • Yep, I lose a day getting packed and running errands … a day traveling … and a day getting organized at the new place!


  3. Your quilts give off a happy vibe. I like the black sashing as it makes the colours ping.
    Doesn’t appear to me that you are behind at all

  4. I love the one with the black sashing!! All are very pretty! You are super productive so I don’t know how you could feel like you are behind on anything. I’ve been struggling to finish borders on a panel. Easy right! But I have so many distractions and other things going on that keeps me away from my sewing room. I am super frustrated…

  5. I have a maybe stupid question about the sashing…are the blocks noticeably thicker than the sashing because of the muslin backing? I’ve never pieced on muslin before, as you can tell, ha! Does the muslin make the quilt heavier? These blocks are so bright & happy I want to try this technique.

  6. I love the black sashing with the bright cornerstones! Do you have any tips for getthing through sashing? I have a box of numerous quilt blocks that have been stalled out because of sashing. Do you you just have to power through it?

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