A walk in the woods

I’ve been fairly lazy the last few weeks … some biking and an occasional walk but I did manage a 3 and 1/2 mile walk with Keith today. The path is paved but very hilly!!

I’d just been telling Keith to be careful when he was out in the yard or hiking because people were reporting seeing a lot of copperheads … and what did we run across today? A copperhead just in front of me on the path! This wouldn’t have been as easy to see if we’d been on one of the trails!


  1. YIKES!!! SNAKES!!!! I would have stopped dead in my tracks and ran the other way. Good thing to stay on the paved path. Be safe on your hikes and travels.

  2. I not fond of snakes, but did admire the markings on it. Pretty distinctive! We have to watch for rattlers here, especially when the babies come as they strike without warning & you get the full load of venom when bitten. Hubs & I have a deal — he kills all spiders & bugs, and I will handle any snakes. Great deal for me, as we don’t have snakes at our elevation! : )

  3. Yikes!! Snakes are my biggest fear. Just thinking about them makes my skin crawl. Glad you were able to see it before you stepped on it.

  4. I think I like where I live! We don’t get those kind of snakes. Just garter snakes. They are harmless. You seem to have all kinds of animals and creatures. The Quilts your doing are really nice. Liked the fan one a lot. Stay safe!!

  5. I wouldn’t have been happy to meet that fellow though he does have a pretty pattern. We have non-poisonous snakes around us but I’m not even happy to find those in my yard!

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