The weather has turned cool enough to have a fire for a little bit, just enough to take the chill off the room. Cuddled up with a fire and a quilt, we watched the last day of the Tour de France this morning.

Chris and Becky arrived after lunch with the girls – Rae will be staying for a few days again so I can help out with her online schooling. We played some cornhole. Not something I’d played much but we’ve had some fun since Keith had Chris find the boards for us.

Chris noticed a twig on the car while we were playing … Or is it?!

I’d only recently seen posts about these twig bugs here in Big Canoe! We thought it was pretty neat and Chris had a good eye to see that it was a bug!

We’re subscribing to the NFL game pass this year since we’re not going out to a local pub to watch our “out of market” games. You can watch the whole game almost commercial free but not until the live game is over … I don’t mind waiting and I’m sitting here tonight watching the Vikings lose 🙁


  1. We call them walking sticks around here. Really fascinating bugs. I also love your sisters quilt, your piecing is so nice,

  2. Did you ever watch the Tour de France when it came over to Yorkshire? Humm, thinking about it that was in 2014 and I must be thinking of the recent Tour de Yorkshire in 2019, so maybe that didn’t make it to USA tv’s?

  3. My husband gave up before half time on the Vikings and went out to mow the yard. He recorded it but didn’t even watch. I’m still considering replacing our family room fireplace insert with a new one that is quieter and more efficient. Your fireplace looks so cozy!

  4. Mary my husband Terry calls these insects walking sticks . They are amazing. Carolyn

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