Do you hand quilt?

It’s been ages since I’ve done any hand quilting. In fact I hadn’t done any for many years and then decided to try some big stitch quilting about 6 years ago. I finished several quilts but this one has been a UFO for way too long. I brought it with me in June thinking I might get it finished but didn’t even touch it. I’ve got more left to stitch than I thought but I did work on it today rather than start a new quilt. It felt very awkward at first and my stitches certainly aren’t even but that doesn’t matter so much with this more “primitive” style of quilting. I think I’ll work on this for a few days and at least make some progress even though I doubt I’ll get it finished this trip. It’s not getting anything fancy … just some straight line quilting.


  1. Yes I hand quilt and love the big stitch technique. I have finished three quilts in the past 18 months and love the look and love most that these are finished and being used. I especially like doing flannel quilts this way.

  2. I hand quilted waaay back when. We won’t say how long ago but this year I did big stitch a quilt and also a pillow..I enjoyed it so much that I’m now looking at doing a quilt “kantha” style and also some sashiko stitching on small bags/clutches. A nice change from sitting at the machine piecing. AND, I do have a knitted Readers wrap going. Gotta keep these hands busy. 🙂

  3. Love the colors in this pink/purple top! The saturation of these fabrics is what especially draws me.
    Are these 6 1/2” HST; and cut with an AQ die? I haven’t used mine yet. But this quilt is certainly an inspiration to me. Maybe I should go look over the fabric stash and see if any jump off the shelf.

  4. Your quilts are gifted with love and perfection isn’t always a part of handmade. I hope you enjoy the hand stitching. That is why you are doing it afterall.

  5. I hand quilted one quilt. It lays in the cedar chest waiting for binding. I no longer want to gift it to the person it was made for. It depresses me to even look at it now. SMH
    xx, Carol

  6. Yes, I hand quilt. I usually hand quilt if it’s going to be a gift. I love being able to decide the different quilt designs I want for the different parts of the quilt to make them come alive. But I also machine quilt. It’s definitely faster, but has its place. Hope you enjoy the process and the finished product. Thanks for your blog and the time you put towards it.

  7. I do hand quilt and love it–it’s so therapeutic! I haven’t done a whole lot lately, mostly wholecloth small quilts. I keep a supply of those handy for when I want to take a handwork project with me that won’t require any thought. Now I’m inspired to dig out a fall quilt I started many years ago that doesn’t need very much more quilting to be finished. Thanks, Mary!

  8. I love to hand quilt! I can’t just sit and watch TV like some people do so I always have a hand quilting or hand applique project going so I have something to do while I watch TV.

  9. I’ve done a little in the past, mostly on small “fun” quilts. I tend to machine quilt my charity quilt, thinking it might make them more sturdy. Seeing you stitching away has motivated me to give it a whirl again. Do the quilts you’ve big stitched hold up well Mary?

  10. I like to always have a hand quilt project downstairs and a machine quilt project upstairs. I started using the Aunt Becky “thimble” and I really like how it all gets sewn together.

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